Near Kurisupalli, Valapad, Thrissur, Kerala
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Rules & Regulations


As per School Calendar.

There  is  an  expectation  on  all  students  to  accept,  uphold  and  practice  good  habits  and  behaviour appropriate to the occasion. Staff and parents are expected to support the school in this area.

  • – Students arriving after Assembly shall not be allowed inside the School without written request from the Parent.
  • – In case of Daycare, though there is flexibility of timing, we sincerely suggest parents to follow regular timings and not to vary timings each day.
  • – In case of absence, Parents are requested to inform the school. A written note from the parent explaining the reason MUST be provided to the General Office the day the child return.
  • – Students are not permitted to go early however they may do so if one of the Parents/guardian or an authorised person come to the School personally to take charge of the ward.
  • – If the child is taken to and fro from school by a third person, the details of the person should be given to the office. Remember this rule is to ensure child’s safety.
  • – Should a student be ill during school hours he /she will be kept in the Infirmary Room. The school nurse will take appropriate action.
  • – In any case of infectious disease the school must be notified immediately and the student shall not return to school until the School nurse confirm that the child is ready to attend the school.


– The School expects its students to wear their full school uniform correctly and with pride and sets high standards for students in public. It is our expectation that uniform and shoes will be clean and in good repair.

– Boys hair should be combed and of an acceptable length (not over the collar, ears or eyes), with no artificial colouring. 

– Girls hair should be, clean,  well kept and drawn away from the face. Make up is not to be worn to school.  Girls may wear  one earring in each lobe. No other jewellery, body adornments, tattoos or piercings are allowed.

School Timings:

Daycare: 8.30 am to 5.30 pm

School: 9.30 am to 3.30 pm 

After care: 1.30 pm to 5.30 pm

Office: 9:00am to 5:30 pm


– ANNUAL FEES to be paid in four installments – due in the months of June, September, November & February

– Fees must be paid on or before the specified dates.